Thursday, April 28, 2011

Verdict on my stolen Scrapbooking gifts

As some of you know in December someone decided to help themselves to a box that was sitting on my front porch.  He took the box up to the park and decided to go thru it.  I know he was probably puzzled and pissed that he got caught by the police and could possible have a charge over some paper, glue, glimmer mist and

Well today was court day.  My husband had told me to go in there and drop the charges.  I told him that I was the victim and not the person that brought the charges against him.  Well to make a long story short we settle with him paying restitution and he will not record if he stays out of trouble.  I had a nice little talk/lecture with him afterwards.  Now I have money to go and replace the gifts that were sent to me.

I told him also that it is dangerous messing with a "Woman's Scrapbooking" stuff.  lol


cg said...

Wow, I can't believe you caught him! Your words and the experience will be life-changing for him, and I'm glad you got your money back too.

Stampin' Dymonz said...

Glad to hear you got restitution for your stuff! I'm also glad he sat there and listened to what you had to say respectfully.